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Welcome to the Fed Reporter Annual Disclosure Statement website!

The Annual Disclosure Statement, in Adobe PDF format, contains a quick overview of your bank's Balance Sheet and Income Statement, and selected key financial ratios, for the current and prior December quarters. Additionally, lobby notices and ratio definitions are available to download.

If you are a returning ADS user, please use the password you received when registering for last year's report. (If you forgot your password, click the forgot your password? button below.) An invoice will be sent to the bank address and ADS contact that we currently have on record. If this information has changed, please e-mail
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If you are a first-time user of this website, please register to receive the 2016 Annual Disclosure Statement (ADS) report for your bank.
NOTE: To use this website prior to the December 2016 bank data being publicly available by the regulators, and posted to this website, you must upload your final December 2016 Call Report instance document (e.g., *.xTrn, *.xml) when prompted.
Tip: Unsure about whether you need an Annual Disclosure Statement?
  Click the helpful links below to find out more about ADS requirements:

  • http://www.fdic.gov/
  • http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/

  • Or, call your regulator contact for more information!