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Fed Reporter's Basel Report Pro is the premier software enabling financial institutions, who have adopted the advanced approaches for determining capital reserves for credit, market, and operational risks, to electronically file their quarterly FFIEC 101, Risk-Based Capital Reporting for Institutions Subject to the Advanced Capital Adequacy Framework, reports to the Federal Reserve via the Reporting Central website. Additionally, the software also includes the FFIEC 102, Market Risk Framework report for transmission on Reporting Central.

This Windows®-based software makes it easy for anyone on the institution's staff to prepare the FFIEC 101 or FFIEC 102 faster and more accurately. The software allows users to map directly from their general ledger or other data files into Basel Report Pro to save time and ensure accuracy.

  • More than 1,100 built-in Federal Reserve and Fed Reporter edit checks that catch data entry errors and alert users of potential problems.
  • The ability to import data directly from general ledger or other data files into the FFIEC 101 and FFIEC 102 reports to reduce filing preparation time and risk of errors.
  • Allows for the import of bank Call Report and bank holding company FR Y-9C data to complete certain schedules of the FFIEC 101 report.
  • Provides a built-in electronic transmission link for sending the reports to the Federal Reserve via Reporting Central.
  • Screens designed to look like the printed FFIEC 101 and FFIEC 102 reports being created.
  • Quarterly FFIEC 101 and FFEIC 102 Comparison Reports for your review and analysis.
  • Discounted pricing for clients purchasing multiple licenses.
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