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Whether you have one branch or one hundred, BDR Pro makes electronic reporting easier.

The FDIC has made it clear they want your branch data downloaded, updated, and filed via the Internet. Now Fed Reporter's Branch Deposit Reporting Pro Software lets you prepare your Summary of Deposits report quickly and minimizes your risk of errors. Easily submit your data to the FDIC electronically via the Central Data Repository (CDR) - just like you submit your Call Report.

Branch Deposit Reporting Pro software lets you download your bank's most current branch data on file with the FDIC. Simply verify what they have on record, quickly add, change or delete items, enter your current branch deposits, or save time by importing a data file containing your information, and transmit your report. It's that easy!

Edit checks are included to ensure that your ownership information and deposit numbers are correct. So whether you have one branch or one hundred branches, the process is faster and more reliable.

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