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I am having trouble retrieving data and/or transmitting data to the CDR
If you’re having trouble retrieving data from or transmitting data to the Central Data Repository (CDR), try these steps:
  1. Verify that your User Name and Password is correct by logging into the CDR website:  Once you have successfully logged into the CDR website, please continue with the instructions below.
  2. Access Call Report Pro, open up your current quarter bank record, and click View > Reporting Requirements.
  3. Verify that your ID RSSD Number is correct. Your ID RSSD is distinct from your Certificate Number and FRSID.
  4. Verify your CDR User Name, delete and retype your Password in the spaces provided, and then click the green checkmark icon.
  5. Click Communications > Retrieve Prior Quarter Data, and then follow the instructions provided in the dialog box.
Tip: Your User Name and Password are case-sensitive. This means that capitalized and lower-cased letters must be typed in as such--also, be careful not to add any spaces if you're copying/pasting from an e-mail.

If you receive an “Access Denied” error while trying to log in to the CDR, then you might have been "locked out." The CDR denies access when the User Name and/or Password were unsuccessfully submitted 3 times or more. Contact the CDR Help Desk at (888) CDR-3111 (or e-mail to have your User Name and Password reset. Once this is resolved, follow the steps above to re-enter your User Name and Password.

For thorough instructions on how to Retrieve Prior Quarter Data and Transmit your Call Report, click Help > Topics in the program menu; when Program Help opens, click Communicating with the CDR in the Table of Contents.

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What is the Short Name in the Reporting Requirements dialog box?
The Short Name field is an abbreviated name for your bank and is user-defined. This was a field that we carried over from the old Call Report Analyzer program, and was originally intended to help clients who file reports for multiple banks. You can access Call Report Analyzer and click File > Open to see the Short Name that you have used previously. However, you can always type a completely different name because the new program does allow for more characters.

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Creating a file for State filings OR for a 3rd Party Vendor Program
You may want to contact your State's Department of Banking OR 3rd party software vendor to find out if they need the file in the old format (ffccccc.trn), or if they can accept the new FFIEC format (XML). In either case, the place to create this file is the same:

Open you your bank record in Call Report Pro, and click File > Save As. At the top of the screen, select where you want to create the file (i.e., Desktop, A: drive, etc.). At the bottom of the screen, the default file name showing (CallReportPro_0000000000.xTRN) is the new XML format. If this is the one your state needs, click Save. If they need the old format, click the drop-down arrow next to File type and select Legacy Call Report Transmission (*.trn). Then delete the File name and type ff and your 5-digit certificate number, and then click Save.

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Creating a file for Y-9 Programs
In Call Report Pro, open up your bank record and click File > Save As. This will create an instance document (*.xTrn) that you can import into your Y-9 program.

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New Edit Tolerances
The FFIEC has implemented built-in tolerances in the new Call Report so that some data will no longer trigger Validity errors. For example, total assets and liabilities/equity capital can be off by $1(000) and will not be considered a Validity error. Therefore, to alert you of key rounding differences in your data that are not technically errors, we have added a "Variances" tab on the List of Errors for your convenience.

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How do I transmit an amendment?
Beginning with the September 2005 quarter, follow the steps below to amend and retransmit your data to the CDR:
  1. Open Call Report Pro, and then open the appropriate bank record.
  2. Make any required changes.
  3. Click File > Save.
  4. Click Communications > Transmit your Call Report, and then accept the appropriate on-screen selections to retransmit your data as usual.
No other special steps are needed to resubmit your data. The CDR will automatically accept that you are transmitting amended data.

To amend June 2005 and prior data, contact your Call Report Analyst for instructions on how to submit updates. If you do not have an assigned person that you typically speak with at the FDIC, call 1-800-688-FDIC.

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